Explore and See Your Own Tenacity

We have all long been told to take responsibility
Yet when it comes to trials, illness, or difficulties
I think this message needs to change rather drastically

Of course we are to be responsible about what happens next
To keep on keeping on, to try our best, to restore and to rest

Yet as far as what led all “this” arriving at our door
That’s where our responsibility needs to leave the floor
Or at the very least be drastically reduced
From what we may have first assumed

As I have said before there are times when life is simply unfair
Times when the typical cause and effect is just not there
Yet I would like to add a qualifier
It’s okay to look back and explore the external factors to see more

Not only is it okay, it’s remarkably healing to let go
To lay the claim down to the ones it’s due
For when no external factors are recognized
Blame lands time after time with you

So go ahead
Be angry for a time
See the wrongs as wrong
See the failings of other human beings
This does not make your cruel or uncaring

Nor irresponsible from your own life dealings
Forgiveness comes when we note the wrongs as wrong
And choose to respond with love, strength and grace
Not when we hide, excuse or just keep going on

Where responsibility lies is to not be afraid of
The hurt given by another human being
To choose to keep on living and loving
Even if there are times when you’re reeling

Where true responsibility lies is learning from these times
Not in the sense of what you should or shouldn’t have done
But rather to see your own incredible tenacity
Which resides within the person you are and are to become

For in reality, they are not mistakes you have made
But rather the unpredictable challenges you’ve courageously overcame

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