Celebrate You

Life is funny sometimes and at others simply  unfair. That which one day you may have done in a blink, now takes tremendous effort just to think about it.

Its when the little things in life become objects of strife that we most need to celebrate our successes all the more deeply. For no one else may truly appreciate how difficult it may be for you to do what you do.

When faced with loss, trials or tragedy suddenly many ubexpected things become a great difficulty. The effort is tremendous and the fatigue is intense. It’s hard to find rest.

We must and I mean must give ourselves credit even if its as simple as getting out of bed to face another day. To smile a moment to yourself and say I decide to arrive no matter how hard it may be. I will still keep giving and receiving the love in and around me.

For I know love is there, even when the dark glasses of the trials we face can swirl things into obscurity. Righting the ship in the midst of such storms is always and I mean always worth celebrating.

So here’s to you! Go on and celebrate all the strength, tenacity and courage it takes to do what you do. And no I will not accept any excuses not to.

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