Holding On and Letting Go

Challenging experiences we face
Often leave a trace
And our minds can go in overdrive
Trying to fix that which has already taken place

We must keep reminding ourselves
Of the facts of the present
That was then
This is now
We will find away how to move forward
To insightfully let our guard down

To take the lessons learned from the past
Without being overwhelmed by
The dark glasses it placed upon our eyes

To realize we are so much more
Than what goes on in our minds
We are so much more resilient
Than we ever thought before

So if you are struggling with memories or thoughts
Face them one by one
With objective evidence as your sword
And loved ones as your shield

You can, with gentleness and care
Tackle them one by one
And this will make you strong

For when they are left lurking in the shadows
Facts of the present cannot penetrate
The lies of the past

You are who you are
Be proud and let it show
And as for who you were
Keep the core and
The rest let it go

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