Clouds in the Sky

There are times when the thoughts in my mind are like clouds in the sky
I observe them go passing by
Some a little fast, others a touch too slow
Yet without fail
On they go

These clouds can be the clouds of a bright summer’s day
Reminding me of what makes me truly happy
These clouds often go by in a passing glimpse
And so I really need to tune in to notice
There are other clouds that can swirl into a tremendous fray
Seemingly blocking out ever sun ray
The more I stare at this cloud
The larger it becomes
Until I realize it’s not the only one in the sky
And then begin to watch the other clouds passing by

Yet it takes tremendous training to turn away
To see our thoughts in a different way
To see indeed we are not our thoughts at all
For they may come and they may go

We are the ones to see all the clouds in the sky
We are the ones to detect truly
Is this going to be a rainy day
Or was it simply a cloud that got in my way

The beautiful thing about all this
Is we do not need ignore the storm clouds
It is simply to remember that no matter how big the cloud may appear
It too will soon disappear
Storms do not last forever

We are the ones who remain firmly planted on the ground
Balancing all we have seen, heard and found
To a place where we can navigate clear skies or cloudy days
Knowing no matter the weather
We can always get through this together

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