Deciding to Help

You’ve decided to lend a hand
I hope you too will lend your heart

For helping is rarely a neutral thing
Simply deciding to help
Does not bring the renewal of spring

Though it is rarely said

Helping can be negatively helpful
Even when intentions are honourable

For advice can be said a little too loud
A helper can be a little too proud

Rose coloured glasses and blanket positivity
Can dismiss the truth of the entirety of it

The ache of so many hearts is simply to be listened to

To be reminded what is true
To be given the tools
To observe fiction from fact
To weigh both the good and the bad
To judiciously look back
And arrive at something a little more balance
Than when they first started down this track

So please, help
Of course it is a good thing to do
And remember stay rooted in the facts,
To really listen and point to
The evidence of what’s true

Keep your feet firmly planted on the track
And when there’s a promise that’s too great
Keep walking and don’t look back

Remembering, the easy road is often far more precarious
No matter how spacious your track may be
Keep walking

You will fine those who walk in tune
And will see clearly and keenly with you

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