Celebrating the Everyday You

Our breath grounds us, centers and refreshes us
So let’s not forget to take a moment to pause
Especially when we’re in a fuss
For our breath grounds us

There is so much to explore in something as simply as the inhalation of air
The cool sensations, reflective expansions and easing of tensions
It’s an amazing tool that can readily operate voluntarily
Yet when placed in our hands can usher in such tranquility

And it is in this space of peace
I invite you to celebrate you

To celebrate you in a way you may not have done before
To celebrate you not for the times you crossed the stage
Or did something particularly admirable or brave

I mean to celebrate you
The everyday you
Who smiles at a stranger
Or pauses to enjoy the beauty of sunshine
To celebrate the way you create
Whether singing in the morning
Working in the afternoon
Or cooking during the evening

Take a moment to celebrate the every day you
The everyday you
Who pauses before saying an off-hand remark
Who brings laughter to a conversation that was otherwise stark
Who makes mistakes and learns from them
Forgiving yourself and others along the way
The everyday you who speaks up to say what you need to say
And listens, really listens to those who love you come what may

To celebrate the times you came alongside another
When you could’ve simple stayed home
To celebrate your laughter and humour
In all its many tones

There are so many things to celebrate
That are missed in this day and age
So thank you for joining me
To stop and to breathe
And celebrate the everyday you
We all rejoice to see


2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Everyday You

  1. Absolutely beautiful Julia!! A great reflection of your heart, YOU, written and shared in such a unique, positive and, helpful way!! Where are your words, thoughts and inspirations going to be distributed?? Ok, your BOOK!! I’ll leave the whimsical words to you! Love, love, love it! Thank you for sharing!!!!


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