Hitting bottom came as a surprise

For I thought I knew the answers

And everything would turn out just right

Yet I was wrong on a number of things

Who I trusted needed to drastically change

To rearrange back to former days

When my feet were planted on the ground

And I knew where love would always be found

And as someone who was quite unfamiliar

With this level of trial

I’m still trying to accept that yes

This was something I went through

Something I simply cannot press delete or undo

This was something I went through

I do not feel guilty for the errors in sight

For I just didn’t see what I do now

That I look back with greater light

But fear

Fear is another thing


For there is a cushion in place

When life has yet to bring you to your knees

A certain blind optimism

That’s not been tested rigorously

And I don’t want to be cynical or skeptical

Or cry about the hows or whys

Yet there is great longing to never go back to that place

That place of isolation and desperation

Confusion and disorientation

That place of wilderness

That expands the soul

Yet makes everything

So much harder to hold

Except those things that do not grow old

Genuine friends, faithful companions and good ol’ pals

Loving family, musical melodies,

And of course


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