Love’s Power

Day 29: Love’s Power


We all have memories we’d rather erase

Memories we’d rather simply replace

With those of a little rosier shade

For we all have areas of white, black and grey

Collected and composed in a myriad of ways


And it is those darker shades

Those that give contrast to the light

That give us the chance

To truly let our love shine bright


For we are refined by the times

That may indeed bring trouble to our mind


Times that challenges us to be

A person who loves

Who hopes and builds and trusts

Even when others do not act from above


But rather act in ways that

Drive us to divert our course

So we may stay true to love’s power

And not another’s blind force


Times that remind us

To pause and to see

The beauty of the velvety night sky

That silences any lingering whys


Times we discover our own resilience

We may never have found

If we were not tested with the experience

That brought us down to ground


Healing Reflection: It was once said “all you need is love”. There is no question love is powerful. Yet, I think this statement is too simplistic. There is so much that goes behind the scenes when you chose to love even amidst life’s trials. What are some of the attitudes, perspectives and supports that help you to choose love over bitterness when faced with challenges?


Wellness Tip: When someone goes through a time of trial, we often respond with compassion, kindness, gentleness and love. Unfortunately, when we are having a difficult time ourselves feelings of guilt or embarrassment are more common. Having a strong support team is essential when going through difficulties. Take a few moments and reflect on one of your challenging stories from the perspective of a friend. What would they tell you? Try reaching out to a friend or family member who has been supportive of you in the past and share this story with them.

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