From Degree to Tree

As a teacher and student
Going from grade to grade
Degree to degree
Had an attractive simplicity about it

Assignments and objectives were clear
Next steps were always near
Yet life does not always reflect a path
As straight forward as that

Life is not linear
Or sequentially cumulative
Life is far less predictable
Than a grade school’s calendar

Life is rhythmic
Filled with twists and turns
Life is far more like a tree
Than an academic degree

For a tree grows
Throughout the seasons
The sunshine and the storms
The cold and the warm

A tree often loses branches
As it grows towards the sun
Each ring telling a tale
Of the tree that it becomes

Some admire a tree for it’s beauty
Others see the dying branches below
While others don’t see the tree at all
And still the tree stands tall

Through droughts and whirling winds
The tree may sway
And leaves may fall
And still the tree stands tall

So while I am a teacher
Who works academically
My perspective on life
Has changed rather dramatically

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