Deciding to Create

Sustainable decision making or the Three Pillars of Sustainability represents an important shift in seeing the interconnected nature of environmental, social and economic systems. Yet, it is still outdated as it retains the perspective of limitations and maintenance rather than abundance and creativity. As we heard from William McDonough, if you described your relationship with your spouse as “sustainable” that would be rather unfortunate. “Sustainability” is not the goal. Decisions should not be based on a concept of sustaining what is, but rather creating what could be.

We truly can have a relationship with the world around us that is not simply  “maintaining” and staying within traditional bounds of economic, social and environmental systems. In many ways, we need to leave traditional systems and ways of making decisions behind in order to allow our own inherent creativity and understanding to lead the way. When we begin to think, decide, create and design in a world where there is no waste and all is food for new designs – a whole new way of interacting with the world around us emerges. When you make decisions that support creativity and abundance, there is great joy in what you do. For when we make decisions in this way, we are adding to the world around us not simply trying to maintain what was once there.

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