Beyond Ecological Footprints

I’d like you to watch the 20 minute Resource Abundance by Design video once again by William McDonough.

Why? Well, now that we are looking at ecological footprint calculators it is important to remember what true natural design looks like. You can see how an ecological footprint really talks about doing “less bad”. McDonough speaks about doing “more good”.

He also addresses the issue of contaminated land. From an ecological footprint perspective, this land is seen as “unusable” and is written off. Yet, this is not true. When we realize that a toxin is simply a material in the wrong place, the land can be remediated.  The cadmium and lead (toxic in soil) is extracted and can be put to use in creating technical devices. In this way, the once contaminated land can not only be used for growing food again, but can also be a source of valuable “technical nutrients” for building computers – brilliant!

From there, take a look at the 3 minute video Reflections on a Future of Abundance by William McDonough. This video highlights the key concepts of eliminating the concept of waste and seeing all as nutrients.

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