A Reflection

In the stir to awake
Is the stir to create

What stirs you to awake? What are you creating?

The beauty in the simplicity
Of a breakfast that radiates with
Colour and light is such  a wonderful delight

How do you begin your day? Is the news on? What are you listening to? What stories are being told in the songs you hear, articles you read and TV programs you watch?

To simply be
And express my own
Inherent creativity

How do you express yourself in your day to day conversations? What do you speak about? What do you hear? What do you create at work, school or home?

To live each day
Learning to more truly
See the beauty 

We live in a world of beauty.  We are learning to design with natural processes in mind – where there are no wastes. All is useful when given the proper place and context.   Understanding is always deepening and expanding. There is the continual choice to speak of the beauty and opportunity in the world around us.

Such is the delight
Of living an amazing life
To listen to the music abounding
Within my heart and soul

What do you delight? What brings you joy? Where do you “hear the music”? What inspires you?

To see truly to my core
Where this is
No less and no more

How are you making the shift to living a life of embraced by the beauty surrounding you.

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